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Jonathan Kotik AKA Trace Kotik is a singer, songwriter and producer from the countryside of Israel, together with a dynamic ensemble of extremely talented musicians, Trace Kotik is creating a variety of sounds and beats and blending his unique life experiences into an up-beat and compelling show in the genres of Indie-Rock & Alternative-Folk.

After his latest band “Jon” broke-up unexpectedly and three of the old band members of the group left, Jonathan found himself going through a process of opening up and paving of a new and more focused independent way.
From this process Jonathan was reborn as Trace Kotik - Tracing his old path and making it a new.  

The upcoming album was recorded and practiced at Kotik's childhood home in Moshav Mishmeret, which was converted into a recording studio and a rehearsal space.
During his three years of activity with “Jon”, Trace has performed on many stages and in festivals such as INDNEGEV, Yearot Menashe and the International Music Showcase Festival making a name for himself in Israel.

Stay tuned for new music coming out in 2019 and 2020...

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