Producer and singer Totemo has been active in the Tel Aviv music scene since her early teens. During this time she's been combining between new electronics to singer-songwriter

craftsmanship .

She has released her debut EP Heavy As My Dreams in 2014, produced by Roy Avital of Garden City Movement the E.P received critical acclaims
("Totemo Just Broke All Of Pop's rules", Ryan Kristobak The Huffington Post).
The EP, Desire Path released in 2016, offers a warm combination of spacey futuristic beats with detailed , precise and intelligent sound.
The songs on this short album were written during Totemo's struggle with cancer and offer a

melancholy yet strong insight into the year that she's had.

Everything Happens Only Once  is the first full length LP to be released by Totemo.
Having life turned upside down, overcoming breast cancer and undergoing a
deconstruction of the home she knew, Totemo emerges the other side to create this 10
tracks piece.
Following the critically acclaimed Heavy as My Dreams and Desire Path EPs,
Everything Happens Only Once is the third collaboration with music producer Roy
Avital. Together Totemo and Avital create intimate yet expanding songs, seductively beautiful.
Everything Happens Only Once is a journey of balanced stark contrasts.
Elegant inventive pop is mixed with raw and exposed lyrics. Delicate organic sounds
and vocals are weaved in sleek electronic precision. East Asian influences are
intertwined with dreamy synths, forming futuristic yet familiar qualities at the same time.
Playing the electric guitar and keys, and accompanied by her bass player and drummer,
Totemo will take the new album on tour, bringing Everything Happens Only Once to life.

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