Inbal Netzer‭, known as InAbell, is ‬an Israeli born musician creating Indie-Pop and Electro-Pop.
InAbell spent part of her childhood growing up in California.
As a child, the kids in her school had trouble pronouncing her name “Inbal”, which caused them to create different variations of it‭.
One such variation was‭ "‬InAbell‭" (pronounced “In~A~Bell”).
As a creator Inbal decided to embrace this mistake and made it ‬her stage name “InAbell”‭. ‬The name Inbal in Hebrew also translates to‭ "‬Bell clapper‭" which is found In~A~Bell.

InAbell’s musical interest in buttons‭, ‬knobs, and faders began with a simple looper, and for a time it was InAbell’s main‭ ‬musical instrument‭. ‬
After improving her skills using different loopers and technics‭, InAbell reached out to producer Roy Avital (Garden City Movement) and began working with him on the production of her first E.P‭ "‬Humble Wishes‭" (2018‭). ‬At times referring to InAbell and her music as‭ "‬A brighter version of Lana Del Rey‭" by the media, the E.P was received with great reviews in Israel on all major media outlets and radio stations as well as on-line in and outside of her home country.


These days InAbell is about to release her second E.P "‬False Self‭"‬, collaborating with producer Roy Avital‭ once more.

‬For this new E.P (‬TBA‭) InAbell and producer Roy Avital went with a warmer sound, while leaving the production mostly electronic‭. ‬

In the recent year InAbell and her band have been busy playing many shows in Israel (including the biggest Indie Festival) and are now about to start touring Europe with her new upcoming release.

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