I Am You Music Group

Publishing | Synch | Label services | Management 

Created with artists in mind!


I Am You Music Group was created by:
Ran Nir, musician & producer.
& Andrew Campbell, manager, publisher and P.R company owner.

I Am You Music Group is based in Berlin, Germany.


In todays rapidly changing music business landscape we want to fill the void that was created by the changes in the music business and the technological changes in music consumption.

Our job is to build up, maintain and expand artist's careers and reach by finding or creating the best possible opportunities for them at any time.

I Am You Music Group
creates a specific plan for each artist based on her, his or their musical genre & style, existing and potential fan base, the present & foreseeable future market possibilities and of course the future plans and wishes of each artist.

I Am You Music Group
provides a number of services:
- Publishing / Sync Opportunities
- Label Services
- Management

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